Monthly Archives: January 2011

Title Archive.

I think I’m going to go with “Home Again”. We’ll see.

It can’t be never.

We ate at Culver’s & then I waited in the car. I had a single ButterBurger instead of the double. It was pretty good.

Snow Lightning.


30 year-old rule.

Apologies for the lack of original photos recently. (image via)

The Outlook for Tomorrow.

I am going to park this in my fantasy garage next to my Leica M9. (via)

The Slowest Mile Ever Run Redux Seven Point Five.

5K in 34:34. Weirdly not slow. I’m not sure what happened. Ran on the dirt path as much as possible & also discovered that the loop around the outside of McCarren Park (not including the dog run or track areas) is almost exactly 1K.

Vanishing Points.

I’m consistently amazed at the quality of some the image files you can find on the internet. These two abstract-y images are from the Nilsson headshot I posted a moment ago. There’s an interesting blurb at Fast Company that talks a little bit about the trend towards hi-res images. I stumbled across it yesterday while […]

The Slowest Mile Ever Run Redux Six Point Five.

5K in 35:35. Not so bad. I hadn’t ridden my bike, so I was a bit faster. My feet got soaked almost immediately & repeatedly but wool socks kept my feet relatively happy. (Unknown, Harry Nilsson headshot, c. 1960s)

The Slowest Mile Ever Run Redux Five Point Five.

Zero K in zero mins. No good excuse, really. (Unknown, Girl looking in a rock pool, c. 1890 (National Media Museum))

Full-time Internet.