Monthly Archives: February 2011

In a jam.

The never-ending saga of storage space continues with this bookshelf, the first of a two-part set. The second picture shows a typically hilarious mistake & a fix that I’m rather proud of. Measured from one edge & then cut from the other edge. Awesome. There are two more mistakes I’m not proud of, one ignored […]

I love that car.

The iphone camera seems to work much better away from fluorescent lights.

See an enemy.

The other day, maybe the first time, “rob lomblad photography” came up in the search terms that lead people to this weblog. That made me feel pretty good. These are temporary drawings made with string.

More Songs About Aquaculture.

Please be objective.

I pulled the car over to take this picture. Hard to make it work with the G10. Not enough control or too much, I’m not sure. Definitely too much thinking about taking the picture while taking the picture. Or not enough. Speaking of thinking, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a camera that uses film. Weird.

A great & kind happening.

I’ve been using my upcoming photo booklet as a semi-reasonable justification for the purchase of as many photobooks as I can afford, self-published & otherwise. The book above is the latest from Harvey Benge. I’m not sure where I came across his work first but I headed straight to his site when I did. The […]

More quality control.

This is what the current edit looks like laid out at the studio. If you squint, you can see how awesome it is.

Overwhelmed by caution.

I’ve finally gotten around to putting together an edit from this very small project I did in September. These two pictures probably go next to each other. I don’t have a title yet.

Conflation of more than two.

Neighborhood cuts.