Monthly Archives: March 2011

She’s got a power.

Nat’l Haircut System.

The total science.

I’m sorry, autofocus. Did I break your concentration?!

Hey money money.

October 16, 2010 This drawing is in the 2011 MassArt Benefit Auction. You should check out the work people have donated and if you have the means you should pick some up. There are some real heavy-hitters in there.

All these cuts.

While googling myself, I came across this picture that I submitted to Tiny Vices a couple of years ago. Kind of a pleasant surprise, though I wish there was more than one. It’s probably from 2007-08. Andrea is standing in the stairwell of the house in Staten Island.

The Italian word for fish.

Let’s hurry up so you can finish.

27 inches of string, 3 times.

Web prescience.

Good ipod.

There is also a lovely photograph.

One medium format camera, please. (Map Camera blog, via Tokyo Camera Style)