Monthly Archives: May 2011

Since I lost my muse.

Does two pictures make a series? Do two pictures make a series? I stand corrected.

He had not been sentenced.

Common story: I thought about a series of photographs that bore some similarities to drawings I’d been making. Then I forgot about it. Here’s one of those.

The gap opens up.

William owns this orange Ebisu. It’s pretty close to perfect. Jealousy abounds. It doesn’t help that it’s probably my size, too.

Active listening.

Also of phone camera origin.

O my soul (chicka-chicka).

I still don’t use the iphone camera that much. It’s a little finicky for my liking. It just wants a lot of natural light, all the time & if it doesn’t get it, forget it. The white balance will just do whatever. Even more than that, forget about focus. It’s like using a toy. All […]

Something so right.

Ike really kind of messed up a good thing, didn’t he?

As does the withers.

Another wedding, another set of odd wedding photos. I ate too much during the “cocktail hour” & then ate too much again at dinner. There was also synchronized dancing, which I participated in but did not photograph.

World in motion.

My friend Kevin Buchholz started a new photo blog last week. As far as I know, it is nameless. He just got the new Fuji X100 & the blog may or may not be the result of that fact. I can confirm that all of the pictures are good & some, like the one above, […]

Trying to be understood

I’ve continued to not post the books I’ve gotten recently for so long that they’re no longer books I’ve gotten recently. Andrea got me William Eggleston’s Guide this past Christmas. We were both surprised that I didn’t already own it. I’m still not convinced that I didn’t once have copy that has since gone missing. […]

The road you’ve been down.

Another photo from the beginning of Greg’s rowboat adventure. Greg, Pablo & Darren looking at some things that Darren sketched on the ground with soapstone.