Monthly Archives: June 2011

Sailing through Turkey.


A rather bouncy number.

Q: What’s better than a 3 day weekend? A: A 5 day weekend. Truth.

Don’t bring me down, down.

Your Window to Weight-Gain, Jamaican Edition.


It is impossible not to be inspired by Tom Sachs, I think. At least I am. I kind of wish I could work for him. Maybe in a parallel dimension

Exercise, exercises.

I don’t know what Jonathan is pointing at here. I do know that I’m still not taking enough pictures of people.

Working on your dad.

This was, by far, the most muscular thing I saw at Target the other day.

I’m a whole damn town.

Sometimes (maybe often) I take a photograph & think, no one will like this one but me.

As heavy as sin.

We know that time is flexible, right? Well, is it possible for time to act two different ways simultaneously? This week has gone by fast even though the individual days have dragged. On a wholly different note, I would like to revisit the band Boyracer. Their EP B is for Boyracer is solid 90s awesomeness.

Clasp your hands, say yes.


One way or another.

Second story trees.