Monthly Archives: July 2011

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Exhibitions & Collections Management.

I’m in the process (or maybe I’m always in the process) of sorting out an enormous number of images. It’s simultaneously exciting & frightening. Discovering whether the vague bodies of work I have in my head are supported by actual pictures is the most worrisome part. Was it someone famous who said something about the […]

Your adjudication.

The world does not weep with you, my friend.

Andrea is probably right; there aren’t many good reasons to buy dvds anymore. I bet Solaris looks better on blu-ray than it does streaming, though.

He was his own radio.

Longer ago than I care to remember, I asked my friend Brent for advice about playing experimental music (I know it sounds crazy, we’ll talk about it some other time) & one bit of it has stuck with me (this is not an exact quote): keep doing the same thing for awhile & then when […]

Progress, never less.

The more I talk about this bike & cyclocross racing, the more I’ll feel (peer) pressure to actually walk the walk, right?

Sentences of photography.

The worst part of waiting in line at the post office (or any similar line) is listening to people complain about waiting in line. What is the point of it? What reward is there aside from an empathetic head-nod or two; a murmur of agreement. Also, please bring your item-to-be-mailed properly packed & addressed. Do […]

A man without a desk.

Riding the Old Croton Aqueduct trail on a roadbike is a knife/swordfight situation. Next time, if there is a next time, 2nd or 3rd thoughts will be had before on embarking on such a foolhardy expedition. Three Costco ibuprofen & 30+ minutes in a cold shower later, I felt somewhat less inhuman. Post-ride snacks included […]

Down by the waters.

Sometimes the thought of almost any single moment of Weird Science will make me go straight past giggle to snort. It’s embarrassing.

The Russian version.

Even among the Leicabundance (sorry) that is the norm on John Sypal’s Tokyo Camera Style, this guy stands out. Is there a term that is a camera owner’s version of “ballhog”? C’mon guy, share.