Monthly Archives: August 2011

Bulwark, 26th Street

The walls really are that odd, dusty pink color that makes it seem like the color balance is off.

Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint

The bad habit that I am most recently trying to break: glancing at the camera’s LCD screen in the moment after taking a picture. Luckily, I can shut the screen off. I’m not sure how many times I’ll have look at it blankly before I stop doing it, though.

Near Deerfield, Massachusetts

I went to Massachusetts this weekend to ride in the annual Deerfield Dirt Road Randonneur (D2R2). There were three lengths to choose from (100k, 115k & 180k). We chose the middle distance. The picture & detail of the sign go a good ways towards describing it but my hastily written description below may flesh it […]

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

This seems to be working. Apologies for the break in posts. I wish I could blame it on the HurricaneApocalypse but it’s not here yet. Updates after, I promise.

Silver Springs, Ocala, Florida

I’m not sure I’ve complained about editing out loud today but I’m going to. Actually, I’m not sure that complaining about it on the internets counts as “out loud”. Maybe it does. Maybe I’ll just say it out loud to myself at the studio later. Cool story. The Age of Digital.* *I know I said […]

The Bronx

I bought a new camera but I made this picture with a different one. It’s only been a few days & while I have conflicting (conflicted?) feelings about it, I’d say things are pretty positive, overall. Stay tuned for more, okay? ps How annoying is it when you don’t have the right cord? The Age […]

Useless Titles #1

I’m taking a possibly permanent break from my irresponsible practice of assigning mostly random titles to weblog posts. I am unable, however, to take a break from thinking of these same random titles. In an effort to tether these fleeting namethings to my internet outpost before they disappear, I’m going to post groups of them […]

Near Sheepshead Bay

Titling things is (sometimes) the worst.


Has William Eggleston earned the right to not talk about his own photographs? Not sure. It does seem unnecessary for someone to be like “Look, I know you’ve been pretty close-mouthed about it for 35 years or so but, could you tell me what your pictures are about?”

Poughkeepsie, New York

I haven’t exactly been riding the 90s nostalgia train but after hearing all 11:55 of The Everyday World of Bodies from Rodan’s Rusty, I think I might hop aboard.