Monthly Archives: September 2011

Whirlybird Cross, Bryn Athyn, Pa

At the risk of doing (more) damage to my ego, instead of a true race report, I though I’d post this photo of me suffering through my 3rd & final lap at Whirlybird Cross on Sunday. I can tell you exactly what I was thinking at that moment. I’d just exited the sketchy “off-road” section […]

Self Portrait, Greenpoint

I finally bought the gigantic Lee Friedlander doorstop from the Moma retrospective of a few years back. It’s really incredible. I can’t recommend it more highly to you, dear reader.

Leaves & Hydrant, Greenpoint

The aftermath of Hurricane Whatchamacallit awhile back.

Cardboard, Greenpoint

This one is a little vertigo-inducing.

Monitor, Chelsea

This is my NYC EARTHQUAKE 2011 picture.

Grape Stem, Greenpoint

Some things that I’m thinking about right now: – finally fulfilling the print subscription that I offered up 6 years ago – offering a new print subscription (because the other one went so well) – printing a little booklet of photographs from last year (either POD, in the studio, or both) – mailing out the […]

Car, Greenpoint

As long as they keep parking this car here, I’m going to keep taking pictures of it.

Plants, Williamsburg

Not. Going. Anywhere.

Hanger, Williamsburg

We spent a good part of last Sunday in the park with the newspaper & donuts. It was very pleasant.

Useless Titles #3

Henry Diltz, Neil Young Playing Guitar, 1973 Another installment of your favorite irregular series of purposeless titles. I suggest putting some Neil Young on your music player. Go with one of the live archive recordings, if you own any. Rebeccammendations The Karaoke Videotape Friends with Summer Reggaetar Interview with Mount Analogue The Don’ts What You […]