Monthly Archives: October 2011

Clothesline, Greenpoint

Something Twilight something something.

Nightstand, Greenpoint

This is where some of the not-quite-finished books live. Keef does not approve.

Two more from Bethlehem, Pa

Johnny’s “pain face” or a simulation of same. Also, a bag of trash. I’m like Walter Iooss Jr. or something, no?

Johnny, Bethelem, Pa

I’m not the only one who makes non-racing pictures at cyclocross races.

Sheet, Chinatown

This picture & the last one were back to back in real life, too. Self-High-Five. ps. How gross is the term “meatspace”? I think very.

Green Van, Chinatown

This picture makes me think of Stephen Shore’s American Surfaces and/or Uncommon Places. Every other car from that era seems like it’s the same deep, metallic green. The other half of the cars are brown.

Van, Greenpoint

I’m having trouble using the word “tweet” in its most current form. Not sure why, exactly.

Zoo Exhibit, Chicago

These particular monkeys were chilling in their hopefully plush private quarters when we happened by. In addition to the typically overwhelming smells & sounds of The Monkey House, we were assaulted by the constant barrage of camera flashes. I thought “turn those flashes off, people, you’ll thank me later” but I didn’t dare tell them.

Soup, Chicago

Andrea accidentally ordered this truly epic bowl of soup at the deli near my aunt’s house. She wanted something small because we’d eaten pretty recently. Big mistake.

Beer Can, Des Plaines

Before you ask, it’s a coincidence that the two photos I’ve posted so far from my trip home involve beer containers.