Monthly Archives: November 2011

Newsstand, New York City

Early on a Saturday morning, before some sweet, sweet overtime at the museum.

Andrea, New York City

I used to wonder about the light in the museum pictures that Thomas Struth made but I don’t anymore.

Dresser & Mirrors, Staten Island

I like & dislike this photo for basically the same reason. It’s sort of awkward, unresolved. These sorts of feelings are often temporary. I may love and/or hate it tomorrow or next week. That’s fine, right?

Tree, New York City

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve photographed this tree nearly 100 times?

Planters, New York City

Garry Winogrand is said to have set aside his negatives aside for a year or two before developing work prints so that he could see them without any memory of taking them. I don’t remember taking this picture.

Bedroom Window, Staten Island

Our bedroom in Staten Island was pretty dark & chilly in the winter months.

Living Room, Staten Island

Reorganize & repost.

Andrea, Ithaca

Last night I began the long but probably not arduous process of sorting out my digital files from the last 4-5 years. This is a picture from the day I bought a digital SLR. It was the first expensive camera I’d owned since my beloved Mamiya 7 disappeared from its desktop perch in my Jamaica […]

Moving Blanket, Monticello

Outside blanket.

Moss, Monticello

Andrea, Moss Hunter.