Monthly Archives: January 2012

Doors, Syracuse

Building, Syracuse

Recent Books #1

This stack is less of a credit card balance buster than it seems. Instead of a year-end list inspired scramble, this pile accounts for most every book I bought between my birthday in the fall & last week. My favorite, at least at the moment, is the tag team of Gossage & Soth. Both books, […]

Church Window, Syracuse

Kevin & I went to see the Alec Soth’s From Here to There in Syracuse before it came down. We took similar picture of this windwo. I haven’t seen Kevin’s version yet.

14 inches of string, 1 time

Haven’t made any of these for a long while. No time like the present, etc.

Hallway, Des Plaines

Made with a phone.

Fabric, Greenpoint

Fence, Greenpoint

Rugs, Des Plaines

Front Window, Des Plaines

Cool Story: I took two shots & the first one was better.