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Now bigger & digitally enhanced!

Not nearly slight.

I can’t believe these are more than 2 years old now. They’re the result of taking a break from taking a break from working on something.

I like the classic stuff.

Robert Frank, For the Glory of Wind and Water, 1976 “It’s not so much that you want to make beautiful photographs. It’s something else, and that appeals to me. I’m not interested in taking a beautiful photograph. I don’t mean that there’s no room for it; I just don’t want to do it. For example, […]

Cold Blooded Old Times

Chris Thompson of The Monorchid, c. 1998* Film > Scanner > Hard Drive > CD-R > Hard Drive > Server *I may never have made a better pair of music photos than these.

DC United



Not the stitch, though.


Maybe untruism.

Up a sleeve.

Le Corbusier, The Sea, 1964 (via) Anon: [pointing] Le C: What, this? Oh, it’s just something I’ve been working on in my spare time.


Wilmar Koenig, William Eggleston with son and friend, 1990 (via)

A desk could be a studio but not really.

Not having enough space to work can be a real drag. Willem de Kooning did not have this problem. A slideshow of Architectural Digest’s 1982 visit is here. Tumblr’d by workspaces.