Shrubs, Hyde Park

For some reason the spambots loved the original post with this picture, like 1000+ comments loved. So I deleted it & am reposting it. Great story.

GPS, Bayonne, New Jersey

We’re hip deep in cross season by now. I’d intended on weekly updates on my second season, my first as part of a team. Instead, I’ve delivered radio silence, my bottom third performances going unreported except in dusty corners of the bike-centric internet. Here’s hoping I can do a better job in the coming weeks, on & off the bike.

Branches, Greenpoint

Andrea, Atlanta

Signs, Greenpoint

Watercolor #1 & Watercolor #2

These watercolors are finally leaving the nest for a home on a friend’s wall. I should make some more.

Recent Phone Photos #7

Recent Phone Photos #6

The Hirshhorn, Washington DC

Buttons, Washington DC